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Seven Secrets to Success

You might ask, is there a secret to success? Seven success secrets are not secrets, because you and I use them daily without knowing when you tackle different kinds of problems.
The issues I am dealing with may be different from yours. Still, we all face difficulties and must find ways to solve them.
Secrets to success

Everyday experts spring up in one field or another, but the problems do not just disappear because there are expert solutions. No! It is you that has the problem, which must seek out the expert and make a deliberate effort to use remedies recommended as solutions for that issue.

In the Weight Loss and Nutrition fields, many experts have come out with programs to solve the problem of excess weight. It is in the study of those programs that I found these seven instructive Laws of Success, which are the secrets to success.

With these seven success secrets, goal pursuit and attainment become less stressful. These seven success secrets would hand over the keys of success to you, and if you apply them in your life, you will get 99.9% of your goals. They are as follows:

Law No.1: Applying Personal Efforts to Solve Problems

Using personal efforts to solve problems is the number one factor; we will examine in the seven success secrets. Every person has a pressing issue that they must address. For example, if you want to lose weight, there are many programs, but none of those programs can solve your excess weight problem without your effort.

Refusal to apply yourself in the pursuit of a chosen goal is an invitation of failure. Just as success or failure lies in your hands, if you wish to lose weight, so does succeeding lie in your hands too. No one can make you successful without your efforts.

So to make it in life, use this law in the seven success secrets and be ready to apply maximum efforts at any goal, career, business, or service you are engaged in daily. You must work hard and smart to succeed. There are no short cuts to success and so applying personal efforts is a vital tool for ensuring that you reach determined goals.

I must restate that the Seven secrets to success will help you solve problems without much labor even though you work hard.

Law No.2: Follow a Process 

The second law out of the seven success secrets is that you must follow a process. All weight-loss programs have a method. The plans show you the action to take to lose weight. They explain the physical exercise routine you must do every day.

They also guide you in the kind of food and nutrition; you must eat during the weight loss program. The program explains the state of mind you must maintain, during the period the program lasts.
They urge you to have a positive mindset, but also a balanced expectation and not to be unduly anxious when you seem not to be losing any weight despite following the plan as instructed.

Finally, they would tell you how to stay motivated to achieve your weight loss goals through emails, newsletters, and articles on their websites. All these strategies will inspire you to keep using the program until, hopefully, you start seeing results.

Weight loss and success strategies are similar. For you to succeed, you must make goals, follow a plan, act on your goals, stay committed to your goals to reach them. Also, you must maintain a positive mindset and have a balanced view of the period it might take before you succeed.

Just as it is in weight loss programs, results do not fall from the sky. It is the same when you wish to succeed in life's endeavors. You must take practical and consistent action with determination and patience until you reach the goal.

Law No.3: Pick a Goal You Are Passionate About

Picking a goal, you are passionate about is the next law out of the seven success secrets that make so much sense. Losing weight is not easy, so you must be physically and mentally ready for the task at hand before making your goal to lose that weight and purchase a weight loss program.

The same thing applies to you that wish to become successful in your endeavors. To achieve success, you must pick a goal that you can go after with passion. Just as you are passionate about getting rid of that extra flesh in your tummy by sweating it out in daily workouts in a gym, that is how you must love the goal you are chasing and take the necessary, resolute actions to succeed.

Facing a task without enthusiasm would be pure hell. Even if you did not like or love the goals you chose, for you to achieve it, you must find ways to love it. If you do not, you would not reach your objective or become successful in that task.

Law No.4: Act on your goals

One of the secrets to success is acting on your goals. For example, in a weight loss program, moving on your goals enables you to shed those extra pounds by taking daily action. Without any effort on your part to work out, and eat the recommended food, you would continue to gain more weight.

It is a known fact that you grow every day. You do not have to do anything but eat and sleep to grow. But then eating or sleeping is an action. To reach your goal on that task, be ready to make action orientation your lifestyle.

Taking goal targeted actions, daily brings you closer to the goal. Without work, you are stuck in one spot. Take massive goal-directed actions and become more successful.

Law No.5: Be Consistent

Being consistent is another law out of the seven success secrets. How reliable are you? Well, you must have this trait if you hope to achieve any goals at all. Following a weight loss program demands that you stay put on it day by day.

You must become a statue if you hope to get anywhere fast. This recommendation seems contradictory, but it is not. Allow me to explain further.

A statue has integrity. A figure does not tell a lie. Come rain or shine; it remains in the same place every year. You cannot lie to yourself and achieve any good thing. To succeed, stick to that task like glue until you finish it.

When you are following a weight loss program, you cannot afford to sabotage yourself by eating the wrong kind of food or fail to perform the recommended daily exercises and fitness training and hope to lose weight. That is how it is for anyone desiring success in life.

You must not lie to yourself, fail to act on your goals, or follow winning strategies. Also, you should not keep a negative mental attitude or manage your time and resources poorly and expect to succeed. Consistency is the law of the game if you wish to achieve weight loss and Success goals.

Law No.6: Stay Focused

What is the secret of success in studies? In the seven success secrets, law number six is that you must remain focused on achieving any goal. Staying focused is the secret to doing well in your studies, and the key to weight loss. You, the weight loss enthusiast, should put your heart entirely in the weight loss task at hand.

You cannot try one program and abandon it shortly for another one and expect to get excellent results. Results are inherent in being focused and carrying out your part of the deal.

You must settle down and apply all the strategies in a program, for you to be in the best position to appraise it and drop it if it fails to meet your weight loss needs.

For you to become successful in life, focus your attention entirely on one goal at a time, instead of attempting several goals only to abandon all of them halfway uncompleted.

To succeed at any task, stay on it long enough with resolute efforts for it to yield positive results. Never jump from one career to another or pursue several goals at the same time. If you do so, your efforts on different ventures would lack the necessary power of concentration like a laser beam on its target to succeed.

Law No.7: Commitment to Objective

The next secret to success in life is that you must commit to an objective to get it. Commitment to an aim is one of the secrets of successful people you must emulate today.  In weight loss programs, your success depends on how dedicated you are to carry out instructions. Commitment is, therefore, critical to getting the full benefits of the program.

Most people who buy a program are unable to commit to one plan until they solve the weight problem. They are quick to abandon one program for another with the belief that the system failed to work when, in the real sense, it was their lack of commitment that caused the failure.

If you relate the failure of the weight loss program to the pursuit of goals, you will discover that most people do not follow a goal for the long term.

The way the person that failed to lose weight blames the program, so does a person seeking success blame others and unfavorable circumstances instead of taking responsibility for lack of commitment to follow through on the task they were pursuing.

Success does not come because you tried one time. If you have a long-term view of the process, you will achieve success; you must be enthusiastic about your goal to reach it no matter how long it takes.

Going from a Vocation to another one or chasing a goal halfway and dumping it to pursue another one, reduces the speed to your destination. Imagine a car that is always going around aimlessly and keeps starting new journeys every day from new locations with no aim. This car will go around in circles perpetually and fail to head to a specific destination.

Commit to a specific objective and be purpose-driven to succeed. Commitment is like a homing device that takes you to the precise pre-planned spot, while aimlessness leaves you stunted and stranded in one place without any progress.


Weight loss programs solve excess weight problems. Everyone aspiring for success at their lives purpose applies these same methods inherent in weight loss programs without knowing it.

Examine those seven success secrets or laws carefully, and you will find out that they are outstanding principles, which you use to go after different goals in life and get them. Use them and be the next celebrated successful person on the scene.


Monday, March 23, 2020

11 Tips on How to Negotiate Salary to Get A Better Offer

Here are the 11 tips on how to negotiate Salary to get a better offer. How can you get a good deal when you desperately need a job? Most people will not negotiate a job offer. They will accept the offer from a prospective employer the way it is, out of fear or ignorance.

For most folks who are afraid,  exercising the will power to accept or reject a job that is apparently beneath their worth is a struggle. They believe that grabbing the opportunity they have at the moment is the best thing to do.

They think another opportunity may be hard to find or come very late. Whenever you succumb to this line of reasoning, you sell yourself short irrespective of your experience or what you can contribute to that company you wish to join.

Some other groups of people may not negotiate Salary due to ignorance. If you fall into any of these categories, read the tips below before accepting that offer to help you get a good deal when negotiating new employment.

Follow these steps below on how to negotiate salary increase, and you will succeed in getting a better offer.

1. Cut Off Desperation

Any display of desperation to your interviewer or prospective employer disarms you. You may need a job urgently, but learning to control your emotions during your great need will fetch you much more in terms of better pay.

Do not weaken your bargaining power. Stay in control of the hiring process by believing in yourself and your transferable skills. Just think you can get a fair deal soon, and you will.

2. Research the Market

A salary negotiation strategy you can adopt any time you face a prospective employer is to research the market.

Information is potential power, so get all the knowledge you need about the market. You sell yourself short when you do not know what the market potentials are and what you are worth in that market.

Never fall into the trap of using your old pay as a benchmark during negotiation. Because, if you get a new offer you thought was huge and later discover that the salary is an entry-level pay, you will become bitter and unproductive, and this attitude could slow your career growth.

To negotiate and get a good deal, obtain industry information on Salary for that position from persons doing similar jobs in other companies. Getting relevant and timely information will help you make an informed judgment.

Humans always want a good reason for anything they do. Moreover, you can’t get something without doing anything, and the recruiter will only accept your request for higher pay if you can justify it by correct data.

Do proper research and get more information about industry salary from organizations like,, and, or related websites and arm yourself with facts you can quote as a reference.

3. Be confident 

During the salary negotiation meetings, you must stay poised. In interview situations, the applicant is always at a disadvantage while the prospective employer continually has all the power. Why? Well, they are the ones who decide whether to hire you or not.

But you must not allow this power they have to affect you negatively and cause you to short sell yourself. Tip the odds in your favor by attending many interviews; at the same time, you are negotiating for a better salary with your prospective employers.

Acting confident will cut desperation off your look. You will look more confident to negotiate positively and politely. Believe this, during the negotiation for a better salary package, if you have other options, your hirer will know.

So, before you go for a salary negotiation with your potential employers, attend a series of interviews with other companies. Doing so will improve your confidence level.

4. Deliberately Set the Lowest Pay You Can Accept

Empower your negotiation prowess by deliberately fixing a minimum expectation before you commence any interview process. If you do this, it will help you identify offers that are real and those that are not.

Ensure you include the premium for the risk you are taking by accepting a new job in the preset minimum pay expectation.

Why should you do this? Because the new job will bring its challenges like probation, proving your mettle to your new boss, and fitting into a new work environment. Also, you have to make new friends, work hard to gain acceptance by a new team, and could be leaving your present job (certainty) for the new one (uncertainty).

5. Make the Employer to Give You an Offer

If you are considering how to negotiate Salary during interview, use this tactic. Always be the last to broach the issue of Salary. Allow the hiring manager to make an offer to you first. If they press, you just say that you would consider any reasonable offer they make to you.

Before you encourage the recruiter to make you an offer, during negotiations earlier, make it known in a joking manner that your expectations are as high as the sky and call an outrageously high amount and then clearly say it is a joke. But you have registered a high expectation of Salary.

Moreover, being the ones that made the salary proposal, you will not appear greedy in their eyes. Their offer will allow you to do a better appraisal of the salary package and see if it matches your exact expectations, and let you share the outcome of a win-win proposition between you and the recruiter.

6. Act unimpressed by the hirer’s first offer

Here is another strategy for salary negotiation you can adopt. Even if the hirer’s offer is excellent and much more than you were expecting, never show that you are excited by it. You must keep your face expressionless.

You can even act genuinely unimpressed by the offer and let your face stay without any trace of enthusiasm or thrill. Acting this way will strengthen your ability to negotiate for something higher later.

Look at the details and then thank the employer for the facts on the salary package, and then ask for some time to discuss the matter with people at home. Also, promise to return in two days with a firm decision.

7. Review the Offer Critically

Those that have a score to settle with their former employers may jump at any offer they get to prove they are still attractive brides. Critically review any new job offer to avoid any regret.

Always ask for enough time to consider the employment letter, mainly if it is readily not a significant improvement on your present pay. Never use the issues you had with your current employer as a critical reason for accepting a new job.

Please carry out a cost-benefit analysis to try and justify accepting a new offer, and if there is no clear advantage or improvement over your pay, work environment, prospects for career advancement and training, don’t make that change.

8. Negotiate from the value of the job you can do for the organization

Here is how to negotiate salary example. Like I said earlier, the organization is hiring you for the job you can do for them. Even though they have several options from the number of people they can interview to fill that position, operate from your unique situation.

Show how unique you are and how you can create a more positive outcome as expected by the employer (if not, they will not be negotiating with you) more than anyone else. Be relaxed and polite and show keen interest throughout the negotiation process.

If the organization did not think you have something to contribute to their business, they would not offer you that position. Stay positive during the salary negotiation and press politely for the best Salary from them without appearing pushy or greedy.

9. Make the hirer feel they won

Humans are always clashing in a battle of wit when they engage in a negotiation. The other party will still want to have the upper hand over you. It is a psychological battle that you can win. In most cases, you lose when you insist on being rigid.

Be flexible, and do not treat the other party as an enemy. Remember that if eventually, you start working there, you will likely need these people daily to make your stay in that organization comfortable and productive.

If you weigh their offer, then make a counteroffer that is more than you are willing to take to let them win. Raise the proposal by an amount that will give the possible employer room to feel they had won.

For instance, if they offer $50,000, raise it to $65,000 and let them increase it to $55,000, and they would still feel they won because you asked for a higher amount than they have agreed to pay you. The hirer would think that you have settled for less than you initially wanted and celebrate their victory.

10. Make the hirer work hard to employ you

This strategy may seem counter-intuitive, but because of the psychological disposition of human beings, we value anything we put a lot of effort to get than what we got simply. Making the organization work hard to get you is a way on how to negotiate Salary new job, but do not drive them away. After all, you still need a job.

How do you achieve this goal? During the negotiation sessions for Salary, show them you are interested in their offer and would like to join them soon. But ask for time to discuss their proposal with your people at home. Then make a promise to get back to them in a few days.

When you call or return in person, ask politely for more money indirectly. Use an open-ended question to ask; if there are ways, they could do more on the Salary? Covertly asking this question will make you appear not to be greedy.

This covert question will make the officials to either raise the offer or ask for time to seek for approval from a higher authority to be able to pay you a higher salary or turn it down an give you their last offer.

Keep in mind that you must also engage these officials often during the salary negotiation period and make the discussion extend to more than one official.

Call on the phone, send emails, and ask to tour their facilities a second time if you had done that earlier. These activities will make those that hire you to be fully emotionally committed to your employment and feel that they worked hard to hire you.

11. Be Patient 

A patient dog will sometimes eat a large bone! A word of caution to all those looking for a job or wish to change careers. You should realize that as an experienced and qualified professional, opportunities will always come your way.

So never accept an offer that will reduce your value. If you have some shortcomings that may affect your market value, work to improve on them. Realize that you can demand and get a fair deal when seeking a new job.

You can get a good bargain; all you need to do is to build that mental toughness, to negotiate your next job deal, and you will succeed.


There is no doubt that you may be under a lot of pressure when you want to change jobs or get a new job, but a little caution will do you a lot of good. In this article, I gave you 11 tips on how to negotiate salary to get a better offer. You learned that you should cut off all forms of desperation, research the market thoroughly, deliberately set the lowest pay you can accept, review the offers critically, and exercise a lot of patience and more.

Engage the recruiter by emails, phone calls, or in-person, to create a new bond with the officials during the meetings. Always politely and enthusiastically tell them that you will no doubt perform brilliantly on the job.

In the salary negotiation, make small concessions and ask for something in return, and make it a victory for you and your prospective employer. You now have more strategies you can use when seeking for a job, to make sure you get a better offer, so act now.

And if you think I left out some points from this list, write us quickly through the comment section under this post and share your thoughts on the topic.


Sunday, March 22, 2020

How Not to Be Broke Again

Being broke means to lack funds. Do you know what this topic "how not to be broke again" means to a man who is nearly 50 years of age? You see, this topic is a revelation for you, dear reader. Cast your mind back to when you just left college and were about to start earning a living. The excitement was immeasurable and irrespective of the excellent advice of parents and well-wishers to:

make sure you start saving money monthly
keep away from irresponsible friends
stay away from women of easy virtue
obey God first, and have a plan
and form an excellent money-saving habit

This advice usually fell on deaf ears because you would feel that they want to control you.
Also, this topic suggests that I was broke but have overcome this pain, and I am now a role model for others who like me wasted their earnings due to youthful exuberance and wrong decisions.
That is true. Though initially like you, I did not accept that useful advice, which was for my good, like you and I know, the suggestions all fell on deaf ears. Please, you should pay attention now. We are about to start the real stuff.

In this post, you will learn how not to be broke again by following these simple steps.

1) How to Form a Savings Habit and pay yourself first
2) Why you must save
3) How to make financial plans
4) Live on a budget.
5) Do it consistently for a long time
6) Invest what you have saved

Let us begin.

Step 1: How to form a Savings Habit

There is a survey that claims that you can develop any habit you want by substitution. Because you are human, you do a lot of things by default. Have you ever thought about this?
For example, from the time you wake up in the morning till the time you go to bed, you follow a specific pattern. You brush your teeth in a way, you eat in a certain way, walk, and speak in one method.

What is a Habit?

Habit is what you do without any conscious thought. Over the years, these habits harden. That is where the mindset comes in. A pattern of behavior is untouchable, yet it manifests in the way you behave.

You do all things by habit. Changing anything you have done for years to something different is a battle. But it is possible to alter your behavior to a better one if you know it will lead you to live a better life and have enough savings for the rainy day.

You can form a new savings habit by deciding to save and act immediately. What you need to do is open an account and set up a direct debit instruction with your banker.

For example, you can open a salary account with any local bank near your home or place of work and instruct them to debit 10 to 30 percent of your salary every month and transfer the money to your Savings account.

You will notice three things here. First, you decided and acted on it. Thirdly, you used a third party to complete the transaction. You will also notice that you have committed to reduce the amount you earn by 10 to 30%, to pay yourself first.

Step 2: Why should you save? 

Hello! I asked you a simple question, and I deserve an answer, don't I? Well, I know you feel this is obvious to everyone. Okay on a more serious note you save money because of the following:

• to keep yourself from going broke.
• because it is the right thing to do
• it gives you confidence
• to enable you to carry out projects with certainty
• you can plan better
• to secure your future at old age
• as insurance for uncertainties
• it feels good to have savings

Step 3: Make a financial plan. 

I know that your old wasteful habit of spending all you earn will kick in at this moment. It will tell you that you are the one that made money, and so, you could take any amount you want for a little enjoyment.
Eliminate that thought and instead break that behavior and write a budget.

What is the Budget? 

It is a list of your monthly expenses matched against your earnings. Remember that first, you have reduced what you have available for spending by 10-30% and automatically saved it in a savings account.

So, plan what you have left to spend on food, accommodation,  telephone, data, entertainment, transport, clothes, shoes, education, gift, God, medicine,  etc. But make sure you keep another 20% for contingency, and that puts the money available for spending to 50%.

Step 4: Learn to live on this Budget 

Learning to live within the Budget is a hard battle, but this is a fight you must win if you wish to stay from being broke again. Let that be your motivation as you struggle to cut your expenses to fit the amount you have allocated for each expense heading.

You must stay within the boundary you have set. Yes, I know sometimes, you may want to break your rules. That could happen, but always bring yourself back to your goal of learning how not to be broke again.

Every day you will face a fierce battle of wits as your crave for things will pull you on one side, while the new habit that will keep you from poverty will tug at your heart another way.

But if you let rational decision to do what is right win the day, you will succeed at last against the desire to spend without any controls.

Step 5: Do it consistently

As people usually say, "this is where the rubber meets the road." How long can you keep this up? Remember, some studies say that those who plan with a long-time view of 20 to 30 years succeed more than people who have short term plans or goals.

Well, if your desire to beat poverty is more potent than you need to satisfy the temporary cravings of your body, you will defeat the tug on your heart to break your promise to kick poverty and stop being broke again forever.

What is consistency?
It is a steady, persistent, pulsating strong will to win, and great determination to keep a simple promise to yourself. If you break your new habit, you have joined those that tell themselves lies. Just look at the sun, the moon, and the seasons.

They never fail. Can you imitate these natural heavenly bodies? If yes, then you will win the battle against everything that pushes you to shun savings and live a life without any financial boundaries.

Step 6: Invest what you have saved

You have kept your promise and saved 30 percent of your salary for a full year. Congratulations! Now is the time to take your goal not to be broke again a step higher.

Consult your financial adviser in a bank, mutual fund, or finance house and ask for the best way to invest your savings. To invest this money, think of safety, for your initial capital and not just significant returns. So, shun any advice to invest the money on any investment scheme you do not understand.

You could consider the following investment products. They include a certificate of deposit, stocks and bonds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), IRA, and Government Securities-Treasury bills, and so on.

What you must keep in mind is that in investments, the riskier the venture, the more money you could make with the potential of losing all your money too. Have a mild risk appetite and invest wisely and keep growing your money gradually while you gain more financial education.


You can harness your will to be financially self-sufficient than waste your resources. You now know how not to be broke again by forming a savings habit and paying yourself first, understanding why you must save, and making long term financial plans.

Other things you learned is to live within your Budget and, do it consistently for a long time and to invest your savings prudently.

Send your thoughts by commenting on this topic and share this article on social media.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

7 Things to Consider When Choosing an Internet Make Money Program to Avoid Being Scammed

A scam is a method of swindling people of their money through a fraudulent business scheme and deception. As Scammers are everywhere, so are multitudes of different "Make Money" programs claiming to help their subscribers earn money using the Internet and their smartphones irrespective of where they live in the world.

make money programs
How do you filter the good from the bad, well! That is what this piece will do for you. This article will discuss things to consider when choosing an Internet make money program to avoid being scammed, such as the promoters and the product, real testimonials, good return policy, the buzz, how to subscribe, and earn money, simple advertising copy, training, and the Website. Let us consider them one after the other.

1. The Promoters and the Product

The promoters of the Internet make money program are the most important of all the factors you should consider. Who are they? What is their qualification(s) compared to the task they are carrying out? How many years' experience do they have? What is their record of accomplishment in the field they have created the program or product they are promoting? If the promoters can answer these questions quickly in the marketing copy, frequently asked questions, and executive briefs by the owners, that will be a good sign.

What about the product?
Does it meet the specific needs of people to solve problems they face daily in a unique easy to use way? Who are those real people that have used the product and testified in a sincere way that they enjoyed the product? Are there professionals who trust the product and can attest that the product or program does what it says? 

Are users or those who bought the program or product happy? If the owners can show this clearly on their Website, and you can do further research to confirm it, you will feel much better about deciding whether to join or not.

2) Real Testimonials.

Are the testimonies objective and show the advantages or disadvantages of the program? Do real people give statements? Can you confirm what they are saying by doing further research? If you can, then this is a good sign.

3) What of the Return Policy of the Internet makes money program?

How flexible is their return policy? Do they allow you the autonomy to quit anytime you are dissatisfied with the program or product? Do they give a guarantee to return the total money you invested or used to buy their product without any questions?  What is their refund track-record? Can you contact any of those people quickly?

4) The Buzz

Is the product making a big splash in Cyberspace - I mean, what does the Internet Community, Other Marketers,  Analysts, Experts in that Industry and Social Media say about the product or service? Are these opinions mostly positive, negative, or balanced? Pay attention to the slant of the view to help you make the right decision.

5) Simple Advertising Copy

What of the advertising copy- Do you understand the message it conveys? Is it easy to make a quick decision without any doubts based on all the facts in the ad copy? Is the call to action compelling and authentic and not just appealing to your emotions of greed and fear? Based on what the program owners have presented, can you buy it and go to sleep with your two eyes closed? Think along these lines. 

6) Training and Website

Training: Is there a clear training program for all customers or members of this Internet make money program? What level of training does the program or product have for new participants? Are there continuous graduated levels of training? How beneficial are these pieces of training to members? Does the teaching have a favourable outcome on the general wellbeing or growth of subscribers or users of the program? Bottom line - is the training a robust one or not. 

Website: Another thing you must check on the Internet make money program is how easy it is to navigate the site and its look and feel. Is it well designed and easy to use? Can you identify the owners when you do a Google Whois Search? What of the System Administrator and Office Address are they real addresses or fake? Who registered the Website? When is the Domain name expiring? Can you call or contact the domain registrar quickly? Consider these issues as you analyze the program. 

7) How to Subscribe and Earn Money

How to subscribe and earn money is the juicy part. Is the Website easy to use or complicated? Can you join the program and exit when you want quickly? Can you earn money if you put in an honest effort after you buy the product or program? Does the product serve real people in a community? Because if the program does not meet people's needs, then it cannot sustain itself. That means it will depend on new members joining prior members to earn money. So, you should stay away from such programs, whether offline or online. 


In this post, you learned 7 things to consider when choosing an internet make money program to avoid being scammed. In the final analysis, if you can identify who the owners of the product or program are, their experience and competence, and if the service or product they are offering meets needs, if the marketing copy is useful and if you can navigate the Website easily. The potential of earning with honest effort is individual; you may join if you are satisfied with all your findings.
Now that you recognize what to look out for, when next you analyze a new "Make Money Internet Program," it will be hard to fall into the hands of a swindler lurking around the Internet.


Monday, March 16, 2020

How to start ahrefs free trial to grow your traffic

In this article, I will explain how you can start ahrefs free trial to grow your website’s traffic. You will agree with me that after starting a blog or website and adding a few posts, you need readers or followers. To achieve this goal, you must make your business visible to readers by getting massive traffic. Getting traffic is usually a tall order, and that is where you will need SEO tools that developers like Ahrefs provide. What is ahrefs? Ahrefs is one of the most popular software you can use for tracking backlinks, carrying out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis. Ahrefs will help you to identify what makes your competitors rank higher than you and show you how you can overtake them. The website has one of the most significant numbers of Live links and index and the tools to index updates ultra-fast. 

How to start ahrefs free trial to grow your traffic

If you are just starting a blog or website, or you are an experienced webmaster, you need tools that will enable you to grow your search traffic, learn about your competitors, and monitor your niche. This tool could make it possible for your blog to appear in the top 5 on the first page of the Google search results. To move straight off, here are the things you will learn in the article. You will learn about the tools that you can use to achieve the difficult task of growing your business (by defeating your competitors), and how to start optimizing your business immediately without spending so much money.

Fortunately, Ahrefs has a 7 days trial that will enable you to test all their tools on your website or blog to know if their monthly or yearly plan will suit your needs. The trial will let you carry out competitive analysis, backlink research, content research, learn about the rank of websites and organic Search Report analysis, and more. To succeed in finding out about your competitors and ways to outsmart them, you will need ahrefs tools and their website. Let us start the tutorials by explaining more about how to start ahrefs free trial to enable you to grow your website visitors right away.

In this post:

  • What is ahrefs, and how can I use it?
  • Why choose ahrefs?
  • The trial Guideline
  • Steps to get the ahrefs free trial
  • How to use the 7 days Trial
  • What are the benefits of using the ahrefs' free trial?
  • Does the trial have any limitations?
  • Price and plans of the ahrefs software
  • Extra ahrefs bonuses for subscribing
  • What professional users say about ahrefs

How to start ahrefs free trial

What is ahrefs, and how can I use it?

ahrefs is a complete tool for doing SEO and competitor analysis, and for tracking backlinks. Ahrefs software comes full of main tools which include, content and keyword explorer, site audit, rank tracker site explorer, and  SEO toolbar. Additional tools include Domain comparison tool, Batch analysis, Link intersects, Content gap, and Email alerts.

The features of the software explain what you use the tools to do. They are various tools with unique functions and capability. Some of them include SEO Analyzer, Keyword Generator, Keyword difficulty, Keyword rank checker, Backlink checker, and broken backlink checker. Others are Website authority checker, SERP checker, YouTube keyword tool, Amazon keyword tool, and a Bing keyword tool.

When you use the SEO explorer, you will get the organic Search Report for your site and use it to analyze your competitor’s search traffic. Know the exact keyword your competitors rank higher than you in the regular search results and the volume of traffic of each of your competitors. The content gap feature will let you locate the keywords your competitors rank higher than you do, and so on.

From information on the software developer’s website, the top and most complete data in the industry runs Ahrefs' tools. The Ahrefs tools crawl 5 billion web pages, with an index size of 16 trillion identified links. Also, it has 170 million root domains, 3 trillion, recognized URLs Driven by 48 petabytes of storage, and 65,000 CPU cores.

No wonder reputable marketers of top companies like Facebook, Linkedin, Adobe, Netflix, Uber, and Pinterest, use Ahrefs. Other users include eBay, Shopify, Tripadvisor, Expedia, and SurveyMonkey.

Also, during the 7-day trial, you have full access to the complete tools and features of any plan you choose. The Ahrefs platform and software are the ultimate tools that you will need to grow your traffic and dominate your niche fully. What more could you ask for?

Why Choose ahrefs?

The standards for choosing Ahrefs instead of other comparable tools for SEO and competitor analysis tools like SemRush, Google keyword planner tool, and Wordtracker tool or SBI Brainstorm-it tool, include:

  1. ease of use and understanding of the analysis from different tools 
  2. a host of software for tracking diverse areas of a website
  3. World-class companies and marketers use it
  4. continuous improvement of the tools by the developer due to user feedback 
  5. It is affordable, and software over-deliver on user expectations as you have a full range of all tools in any package, you choose.
  6. It has the largest numbers of live links and index, and the means to index updates ultra-fast.

The Trial Guideline 

To enable you to get the trial, let us see the guideline.

  • Ahrefs will charge you $7 for the 7 days trial. That means trying the software is not free.
  • The entire Ahrefs' plans give you total access to all the tools. They do not have distinct pricing for any of their tools. 
  • The trial can be on either the Lite or standard plans. (Standard plan is the most popular)
  • If you cancel the trial, you can continue to use the account's features for the 7 days you have subscribed. Cancelling does not stop your access for 7 days.
  • If you cancel the trial before it finishes, you will not receive a refund. 
  • Ahrefs does not have a money-back guarantee.
  • You may cancel the trial within the 7 days of the trial.
  • If you do not cancel after the 7 days trial ends, Ahrefs will charge your credit card in automatic billing for a 1-month subscription of $99 for Lite and $179 for Standard plans.

Steps to get the ahrefs free trial

Here are the steps to get the software.

  1. Go to the ahrefs website.
  2. Look to the top right corner of the page, click on the “start a 7 days trial for $7” tab or the click on the button in the middle of the page with the same label.
  3. On the new page, study the plans and pick a plan from the list. The standard plan is the most popular out of the two available for trial.
  4. On the next page, type in your email address (enter the email you will use to sign in to the ahref’s website) and accept the terms of use.
  5. Then click on the continue button. Next, type in the order details and payment information.
  6. To do that, enter your name and credit card information and click on Next. (You can pay with PayPal and significant credit cards.)
  7. At this point, Ahrefs payment processors will confirm your credit card details and charge it with $7.00.
  8. Next, you will get an activation email from the ahrefs team.
  9. The trial starts immediately you request for it and ends in 7 days.

How to use the 7 days Trial

To make use of the trial, you have subscribed to on the ahrefs website in a beneficial way, read the blog post titled keyword research tutorial: from start to finish.

Next, visit the Ahref’s academy, and watch their Youtube channel. Also, learn about how to use the trial properly.

What are the benefits of using the ahrefs’ free trial?

During the trial, you will be able to use the main tools for carrying out different types of analyses on your website. See the tools and the kind of evaluation you can do with them.
  • Site Explorer – Get organic search traffic and any website’s backlink profile
  • Keyword explorer - uncover valuable keyword ideas, analyze how difficult it is to rank for them, and assess their traffic potential.
  • Site audit - See beneath your website's on-page SEO performance and learn why it is not ranking.
  • Content exploreruncover and analyze content that is performing better in your niche.
  • Rank Tracking - Examine your rankings over time and against competitors to chart your performance and receive scheduled reports to your inbox.
  • SEO toolbar -  Receive fast SEO metrics for any web page you visit and study Google SERP’s on the go.

Additional Tools

Domain comparison  tool

Batch analysis

Link intersects

Content gap

Email alerts-

Features of the Ahrefs software

  1. SEO Analyzer
  2. Keyword generator
  3. Keyword difficulty
  4. Keyword rank checker
  5. access to the Backlink checker
  6. use of the broken backlink checker
  7. usage of Website authority checker feature
  8. applying the SERP checker
  9. the YouTube keyword tool
  10. an Amazon keyword tool
  11. a Bing keyword tool

Does the Trial have any Limitation?

Ahrefs offer is a paid trial that enables you to get full access to all the features of the Lite and Standard plans.

Price and Plans of the ahrefs software

They have monthly, and yearly plans that you can choose. They include the Lite plan at $99, Standard at $179, Advanced at $399, and Agency at $999. Visit this link to get the full price information on Ahrefs services.

Extra ahrefs bonuses for Subscribing

The following are extra bonuses that you can get when you subscribe to a plan on the ahrefs website. They comprise:
  • 24/5 customer support - Chat or Email from Monday to Friday for 24 hours each day.
  • Private Facebook community – for insights from SEO specialists and digital marketers.
  • Tailored learning materials – use the ahrefs Academy and marketing tutorials on their blog and YouTube 
  • New features released regularly – learn of regular update of tools and the released new features.

What Professional Users say About ahrefs (a Must-Have tool for Digital Marketers and SEO)

Leading experts in marketing and SEO use ahrefs and recommend it for you. Listen to what these users have found out. They say:

  • You can use the tool for extensive index 
  • ahrefs is the number one go-to tool for index size, newness, and general usability.  
  • When you use it for carrying out backlink analysis, ahrefs is ahead in 99% of the time compared with competitors offering the same service. 
  • ahrefs is a remarkable tool having fresh data, with excellent usability, and fast analysis of a site.
  • The tool is relevant and granular enough to allow you to make actionable decisions. 
  • It boasts of intuitive design, reliable data, and innovative features.

In this post, you learned how to start ahrefs free trial to grow your traffic. But as it turned out, we discovered that there is no free trial. What the developer has is a paid trial of its service for 7 days at $7. To get the 7 days paid trial, you can visit the Ahrefs trial page, and click on the trial icon and follow the instructions to enter your email and payment information.

You now have the full information you need to take the next step to increase your website or blog traffic. Act now.

Send your feedback to let us know how your blog or website is faring after using the trial period or using the service for a month.


Sunday, March 15, 2020

Top 10 Stretch Mark Creams Review

This post is a review of the top 10 stretch mark cream for use in the year 2020. If you need stretch mark treatment to clear any unsightly stretch marks on your body fast, without any pains, read on. These creams are from the best ingredients like Coconut butter, Aloe Vera, Plant extracts of seed oil, and Chlorella Vulgaris. Besides, these ingredients contain Vitamin A that heals your skin to make it smoother and youthful. Also, they have Vitamin E that stops skin inflammation and moisturizes your skin. Still, it stops wrinkles, dark spots, and ultraviolet rays of the sun from harming your skin. While Vitamin D is the primary nutrient, your skin needs to create skin cells.
Top 10 stretch mark creams review
image source: Trilastin
And, the creams work on all types of skin as they are for susceptible skin, oily skin, dry skin, and combination skin. Since the creams rejuvenate the surface, you can use them for keloids, dark marks, surgery scars, and wrinkles. This work is a new remedy or a bonus for treating other skin conditions.
After listing the typical qualities of these creams, it is time to analyze the brands to give you the pros and cons, how safe they are for pregnant mothers, exact ingredients, price, and features. See a list of the top 10 stretch mark cream and their review.

Top 10 Stretch Mark Creams Review

1. TriLASTIN SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream

This cream works fast to get rid of stretch marks in three weeks. How it works is that the cream comes with a Hydrothermal Accelerator created to open the pores of your skin. Hydrothermal Accelerator helps the ingredient in the cream to penetrate the skin faster and heal it. Also, this cream is safe to use when you are pregnant. You can buy it for $11.06 per ounce with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Serrulate fruit extract, Zea Mays kernel extract, Hydrolyzed Caesalpinia Spinose gum, and Chlorella Vulgaris extract.


  • You will see the results in just three weeks
  •  Opens the pores of your skin for quicker treatment
  •  Produced with modern technologies: SDDS™ and LipoTrisome™
  • They manufactured it in a laboratory that FDA registered
  • It does not contain cosmetic preservatives called Paraben
2. Bio-Oil: Multiuse Skincare OilThis cream is the best stretch mark cream for those on a low budget. So, if you need a low cost but effective stretch mark removal, then get the Bio-Oil: Multiuse Skincare Oil. It costs $ 3.58  per ounce. Also, you can use this cream for other skin disorders. But it is created to heal stretch marks, scars, aging skin, dehydrated, and uneven skin tone. The con is that you cannot use it during pregnancy. 

Main Ingredients:
Calendula Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Chamomile Oil, and Glycine Soja Oil.

3. Tetyana Advanced Scar RemovalThis stretch removal cream is 1 oz in size and costs $38.90 per ounce. But you have a 90-day money-back guarantee. This cream is right for you if you want to cure a small stretch mark. This advanced formula cures other skin problems too. Customers who use it posted reviews on Amazon to claim that it healed stretch marks, acne, cuts, burns, and surgical scars.  The con is that the cream contains Hyaluronate, and so pregnant mothers cannot use it.
Main Ingredients:
Camellia Japonica Flower Extract, Chamomilla Recutita(Matricaria)Flower Extract, and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice.

4. Revitol Stretch Mark CreamRevitol is another top stretch mark cream that cures your skin in a few weeks. This cream has a special ingredient called Squalene oil. This oil penetrates deeply into your skin and helps the skin to absorb the other elements to remove the stretch mark more quickly.  The con is that when you buy a subscription, they subscribe you automatically to another one. Therefore, to stop this recurrent subscription or billing, you can contact the support or buy two bottles when you place the first order. One of the pros is that you can use Revitol during pregnancy. This cream is 4 oz. Also, it costs $14.99 per ounce, and you have a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

Main Ingredients
Squalene oil, Vitamin E, DL-panthenol, Aloe Vera extract, and Grapefruit seed extract
5. Tummy Butter for Stretch MarksThis cream is free from toxins, organic, cures your stretch mark, and moisturizes your dry skin and itchy skin too. And you can use the cream during pregnancy.  This cream also heals burns and cuts due to the buckthorn oil inside. Besides, it has an orange chocolate fragrance that you will perceive every day as you use it. This sweet scent is unusual because many stretch removals creams, do not have a pleasant aroma. Tummy butter is 4 oz at $9.75 per ounce or 8 oz at $6.88 per ounce in size. Moreover, you have a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Main Ingredients
Cocoa Butter, Organic Tamanu Oil, and Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil.
6. Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream Body Merry is in this list of best stretch mark cream that you can buy right away even on a low budget. Despite the low price, the cream has all the ingredients that will make it work effectively to heal that stretch mark on your body. But a con is that it smells terrible. Another pro, apart from the low price of $5 per ounce, is that pregnant mothers can use it safely. 

Main Ingredients
Organic Aloe Vera, Green Tea Extract, Seaweed Extract, and Organic Sunflower Oil.

7. Botanic Tree Stretch Marks CreamThis Botanic Tree cream prevents stretch marks due to its unique ingredient called Centella Asiatica. This cream will stop stretchmark according to a report on the NCBI website. The cream has incredible features that prevent stretch marks that arise due to pregnancy, bodybuilding, weight changes, and spurt growth of your body. The pro is that you can use it during pregnancy, it is low in price at $5.73 per ounce with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It is 4 oz in size, and you can read the users reviews on Amazon. 

Main Ingredients
Organic Shea Butter, Vitamin B5, Moringa, Organic Cocoa Butter, and Centella Asiatica.

8. Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil for Stretch MarksThis cream is another stretch mark cream you can use during pregnancy. And if you are pregnant and have a low budget, you can buy this cream that is useful for all pregnant women. The cream contains wheat germ which has folic acid. Wheat germ soothes your skin, stops aging, and removes acne. Also, folic acid is known to make the unborn child healthy.  Moreover, the Weleda oil renews your scalp, and you can massage the body with it. Finally, Dermatologists have tested it, and NATRUE certifies it. The cream is 3.4 oz in size and costs $7.5 per ounce, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Main Ingredients
Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil, Fragrance (Parfum), and Arnica Montana Flower extract.

9. Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy Cream This stretch mark removal is potent according to a survey carried out in 2011, 76 percent of the women who used this cream, report that it lowered their stretch marks in 12 weeks. However, if you compare Mederma to Trislatin, that will heal your stretch marks in 3 weeks, then be ready to wait a bit for it to work. The pros are the low price of $5.14 per ounce, and you can return the product in 12 weeks if you are unsatisfied with it, and you will receive a complete refund even when you have used the product. Besides, it comes with an 84-day money-back guarantee and 5.29 oz in size. The con is that you cannot use Merderma during pregnancy because it contains Hyaluronate. 

Main Ingredients

Cepalin, Hyaluronic acid, Centella Asiatica plant extract, and Hydrolyzed collagen.

10. Deux Derme Stretch Mark IntensiveDeux Derme Stretch Mark Intensive is the last on this list of stretch mark cream. Also, you can use it to remove small stretch marks on your body. It comes in a small bottle of 1 ounce that you can use for treating the stretch marks on your arms and thighs. So, if you need to cure a large part of the body, like stretch marks on your belly due to pregnancy, then you can buy more substantial creams on this list. The con is that the cream is costly. It retails at $46.55 per ounce. One of the pros is that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and even if you have used a large portion of the cream, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can still return it and get a full refund of your money. 

Main Ingredients
Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Acai Oil, Cocoa seed Butter, and Sunflower Seed Extracts

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should you use a stretch mark cream instead of using other methods of treatment? The answer is that it is a cheaper and effective treatment method. For example, if you use surgery to treat the stretch marks, you could spend at least $200 per session, and you will go many times to cure it completely.
2. Will the stretch marks be obliterated?  The answer depends on how deep the stretch marks are. But in most cases, the stretch marks will almost be unnoticeable. But you cannot get a guarantee that they will fade totally.
3. Does using the cream cause a side effect? No one has reported any side effects. But you should consult your doctors to confirm that the ingredients are safe for you if you have allergies.
3. How quickly can I get rid of stretch marks? You will get the quickest results if you maintain your weight by eating a healthy diet and using the stretch marks cream regularly.
4. How many times should I use cream? Use the cream twice a day after taking a bath. Also, make sure you rub the cream in a circular motion.
5. How can one prevent stretch marks in the future? If you eat a skin-nourishing diet, use stretch marks creams on the spots you see, especially on the tummy, arms, and other places it usually occurs, it will stop them.
In this post, I reviewed the top 10 stretch mark cream to give you the best that is in the market for the year 2020. But if you are unable to decide what to buy, use this method. Buy the cream that cures stretch marks faster, which is in 3 weeks or TriLASTIN, And, if you want the low budget type, then buy Bio-oil Multiuse Skincare Oil. Finally, if you're going to cure a small stretch mark on the body, buy Tetyana Advance Scar Removal Cream. Act right away and get rid of those stretch marks today. 

Get these creams on Amazon.


7 Tips on How to Get Bank Loans in Nigeria Without Collateral

This post will teach you how to get bank loan without security. As a business, cash is an essential resource you need to run your business after the skilled human resources. Getting finance for a startup company is usually tricky because they have little or no collateral, or record of accomplishments to present to bankers. Nigerian banks have lost so much money due to bad credit and have tightened the lending processes. 

Banks are quick to lend to established businesses than Startups that need these loans. This article is not focusing on getting quick online loans in Nigeria through Payday or Online lenders. I will explore other ways on how to get bank loan without security. Follow the tips below to improve your chances of getting bank credit.

1. Prequalify your Business for a Loan by Building a Credit History
The first step any business should take to prove that it is prepared to run a business is to approach a bank after thorough research, to open a corporate or business bank account.

This business account is the tool you would use any time you start asking for credit from your banker. Like a student studying to pass an examination, make sure your account documentation is complete. 

Second, make sure your debit turnover is consistent. Just pay money and withdraw money from the business account regularly. Be honest when dealing with bank officials and fellow businesspeople.

Are You Credit worthy?
Build a credit history gradually, as it usually takes up to six months (not in all cases) for your banker to rate your account and see if it is worth their risk of granting you a credit. You should, in the meantime, ask your account officer what that bank requires to approve a loan applicatio

Do you have a Business proposal? Banks typically ask for a business plan thatwill include; Financial statements of accounts, government identity cards, utility bills, curriculum vitae of the management team and owners’ contributions, formal application letter showing the project you want to borrow money for, security document, and so on. 

Once the bank knows your business well from the history of your transactions, you could start by asking for small short-term overdrafts and repay on time to build a credit history.

When you do this often without defaulting, you will feel bold to ask for that massive credit. When that time comes, the bank officials know they can lend you a more substantial amount and go to bed. 

This long explanation is the foundation for these strategies on how to get a bank loan without security below. Let us start right away.

2. Salary Advance
Salary advance comes as the first choice for you to fund that startup business. Many Microfinance banks are willing to lend money to you if you work for a good organization. The limitations of this strategy include a requirement that you must work for a decent company and loan repayment term of 1 month.

Go to a Microfinance bank where you have a salary account if you are still working for a reputable company and ask for a salary advance. You may also create a direct debit transfer instruction to the microfinance bank from the bank where your salary account is domiciled if they accept it.

In most Microfinance banks, salary advance is a 30-day term, and they are usually more friendly than the traditional banks.

Though each bank has different loan and interest rate terms, most start from 6 percent interest on a reducing balance basis. You may visit Microfinance bank's websites to compare rates.
3. Invoice Discounting Invoice discounting is next on this list of how to get bank loan without security. Traditional banks like Access bank PLC is willing to lend you based on expected inflow on your invoice.

For a bank to lend you this money, you would open an account and sign a document for the domiciliation of proceeds to receive the full invoiced amount into your account in the bank.

How it works:  if you are a contractor or supplier, and you have an invoice yet to be paid by the organization you supplied products, you could get a loan of  75 percent depending on the reputation of the company owing you on that invoice. 

For example, if the amount on your invoice is N1,000,000.00, you could get a loan of N750,000.00 or 75 percent. The bank will rely on the uncollected invoice amount to grant you a credit.

If you lose the money advanced to you by the bank, by investing carelessly, the bank will recover the loan from the invoice.

4. Asset Finance
Asset Finance is a fast way to get a loan for those who run an equipment leasing company or transport business and have a good cash flow.

What will happen here is that the bank will buy the assets for you. Note that the bank knows you have a track record in this area; that is why it acquired the assets for you. You will have direct access to the asset.

In some cases, a bank could lend you more substantial amounts, for example, to build a shopping mall without any collateral. The effect of bank finance on this project is that the bank owns the assets.

Also, the bank will collect the proceeds from the business until you complete paying the loan. In this example, Asset finance removed the headache of looking for collateral for this big project.

5. Advance Payment Guarantee
Advanced payment Guarantee is another method on how to get bank loan without security. How this works is that if a company award you a large contract, it could ask for an advanced payment guarantee from you.

This advance payment guarantee is to make sure you perform or fulfill the agreement, and to protect the advance payment (10-30% mobilization fee), they will pay to you.

To get this loan, a contractor will take the Letter awarding the contract to its banker. Usually, the bank does not collect collateral for this loan.

Also, the bank will make sure it supervises the execution of the contract until it finishes.

It will ask you to sign papers and domiciliation of proceeds to make sure the company that awarded you the contract pays the full contract sum through your account in that bank.

6. Local Purchase Order 
If you are a supplier and you have a local purchase order (LPO), you can meet your banker to fund the purchase of the items. Your bank may waive the requirement for collateral depending on the value and integrity of the organization that issued you the purchase order.
The bank waives the need for collateral on the issuance of a domiciliation of full proceeds to your banker. The bank could fund this purchase order paper up to 80 percent.

The limitation of this option is that a startup company has no credit history with the bank. However, the bank can lend based on the integrity of the issuer.

7. Export Finance

Export Finance is another method on how to get bank loan without security in Nigeria. All over the world, governments encourage export.

In Nigeria, CBN offers incentives such as export stimulation funds through banks and rediscount and refinancing facilities through NEXIM. Exporters could borrow through traditional banks at low-interest rates or acquired through the National Import-Export Bank (NEXIM). 

Also, getting this kind of loan is quick. For instance, if you want to export a product to China worth $100,000 if you have a purchase order of that amount, but you have only $1,000, you can approach your bank to give you an export finance facility. Submit this purchase order and duly signed a contract to finance. But the bank will ask for security.

For the bank to waive this requirement for security, ask the importer to send you a letter of credit or a bank guarantee. Any of this document will contain a pledge to pay a certain percentage of the export proceeds to you the exporter, usually 80 percent, for the item you are exporting upon arrival in their country.

So, the purchase order plus either a letter of credit or a bank guarantee by the buyer may give the Nigerian bank confidence to grant you credit without asking for collateral.

Bonus strategy
This strategy could work for an established business. That is why it is last on our list. 

Letter of CreditIf you are an importer and the demand for your product is vast, and you and your foreign partner have long experience in the business, you can fund the purchase of goods into the country with a letter of credit.

Also, if your banker can trust your foreign partner or supplier, and if your business has good cash flow, the bank may waive the requirement that you provide cash collateral for the Letter of credit.

Note that some banks also have (a particular) import finance facility that they grant to clients who import goods into the country at different times of the year or for once or twice each year. You can explore that opportunity too.


In this post, I explained 7 ways on how to get bank loan without security in Nigeria. Also, getting loans for a business is hard, but getting a loan for a startup company is even harder.

For these strategies to work, you must prequalify yourself for a loan. If you use the procedures in this article, you could get a credit facility to fund the startup business and give it a chance to grow.

Begin immediately, to use these ideas, and send feedback on your experience.