Friday, February 1, 2013


Daily news all over the world leaves much to be desired. The information you are constantly bombarded with by the newspapers, radio, cable news, television and news stations on the internet, are appalling. You wonder why there is much negative news sprinkled with little good news. You ponder why good news, does not get much air time or written about, as much as bad news. Your guess is as good as mine. The macabre, dangerous and sensational scandals, gruesome killings and disasters are what make news headlines to people.
Where do you fall into, in the scheme of happenings in the world? What are your hopes and dreams? How are you living daily? what are the fears holding you down from becoming who you want to be? How can you create a better future in the midst of all the negative events all around you?
You deserve a better future despite the pains, horrors and negative reporting everywhere. Let’s explore how you can live a dream lifestyle of prosperity and abundance in the same world full of disappointments and frustration.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


If you embrace responsibility it has the power to transform your life. However many people run from it. To become more productive, you must harness the power of this word. You are responsible for how your life turns out. Without responsibility you will not amount to anything. Just think of any activity, project or task given to a group of people, you can only get results when someone is held responsible. Otherwise the job will not be done.
Becoming responsible or irresponsible is a choice. Let’s look at how the decision to become responsible can impact your life and your job.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Time is a continuous chronological event which succeeds itself, from the past to the present and to the future. Time never stops. Time wasted can never be regained. Time, just like the popular time line in your Facebook and Google + pages continues in a sequence of events and activities. You cannot stop time as a human being, just as it is equally true, that you cannot control the seasons. Even as seasons come and go in a cyclic manner and cannot be broken, so does time go on and on and cannot be contained.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


What is web traffic?
Traffic can be defined as amount of visitors to a website. Wikipedia defines web traffic as the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. Web traffic is determined by the number of visitors and the web pages they visit.
Web traffic is not just something that arises on its own accord? In the Internet you must deliberately attract traffic. There is no passerby traffic. People use the Internet to solve various kinds of problems whose solutions are packaged in information.
This is the information age and most solutions to your problems have been packaged in information. That is why traffic to the web blog or website is like a breath of fresh air to a drowning man. Without traffic your website will suffocate and expire.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Lately the Blog sphere is awash with expert opinions on how to become a sought after blogger. I have given the issue a thought and decided to share my thoughts on this topic.   As you are all aware, becoming sort after is no mean thing. However it is not also very difficult to attain for any blogger out there who decides to pay the price.
If I may borrow a thought from Tony Robins a great writer, peak performance trainer of repute and Bestselling author of the classic book  Awake the Giant Within  to become the best you must embrace the acronym  he called  “ C.A.N.I “  which means continuous and never ending improvement.  Let’s begin;
Write to inform  
Blogging is about communication. Hence the blogger must find simple ways of communicating effectively. He must become a master communicator using plain language to show the reader what he or she means.  If he fails to do this, the reader switches off “lost in the middle of a cyber forest of ideas” if I may use that phrase.  If left in this situation, you lose the reader. To ensure you deliver accurately and inform your audience be direct, use short sentences, avoid confusing your reader through poor use of the English Language, avoid big words and just pass the required information simply.  If you follow those suggestions, you will score a pass mark in the mind of your audience.
Create valuable content
It is a foregone conclusion that what you are writing about must be valuable to your audience else you will suffer drought of followers.   In the blog sphere every writer knows that amongst other things like Search Engine ranking, marketing campaigns, website design, blog reviews to mention but a few, content is king.  Valuable content is the life blood of any blog. If the topic you built a niche around and write

about is not solving their problems, they are a waste of valuable time of your readers. 
Don’t be confused by some writers’ who insist that building a name list or email addresses are paramount. I disagree.  Just imagine this, if I subscribed to your email list and am unable to see quality content, that may be the first and the last time I shall visit that website or blog and the newsletter received will equally be put in the trash basket.  On the flip side if there is value then it will be worth my while to continue to remain subscribed to your email list.
Give insights based on experience
When you write without giving fresh insights based on experiences you have had, your writing becomes bland, lifeless and academic. You appear to the audience like a machine, postulating and handing out solutions in a mechanical way. It will seem as if you have no stake in what you are saying. You may even give the impression of being arrogant and above making mistakes, to your audience thus distancing yourself from them to your own detriment.  Writing like this will take you nowhere.
You must inject life into your writing by creating a connection between you and the story. A story woven by the blogger, sharing his personal experiences about a situation, will be accepted easily as many of the readers would see areas they could relate with.  Moreover, injecting personal experiences into your writings brings you closer to your readers.  It portrays you as a human being after all, with the same flaws they have, or may be struggling with and this builds rapport.

Create massive exposure through guest posting
Gone are the days when a writer will seek to stay alone and aloof from the global community because of a perceived notion of being gifted. You are a creator and the rest of us must cower, and subscribe to whatever you produce with your creative ability. Those days are gone. Pardon me I am not by any chance belittling your capacity as a writer and no insult meant.  I do not doubt that you are a great writer but how many people are aware of your blog.  If they are few then, you are robbing the world of your genius masterpieces. I know that you did not write the so called “master pieces” to be admired by a few.
The solution to creating a buzz and your work becoming viral is through Guest posting for foremost blogs in your niche.  This alone is capable of shooting you into the limelight and making you known overnight.  Just seek to work with first five blogs in various niches and your massive exposure is guaranteed.
Delight your followers and all readers
Make your readers happy and you are guaranteed massive followers.  Everyone deserves happiness irrespective of the issues they may be going through. We all have issues so rather than compounding the already chaotic and stressful lives people are facing, bring joy to your readers by creating an atmosphere of hope, love, and limitless possibilities that are open to everyone.  Be their number motivator and cheer leader. You have the key in your hands weave words that will lift depressed readers and make them try once again.

 The law of attraction says you attract what you are in the habit of sending out.  Make your writing, a harbinger of hope and solution, rather than a problem or a question without an answer.
Serve with unusual passion to help
Passion can be seen. Passion is vivacious and contagious. Without passion there will be no life in your writings. Passion makes you go all the way to over deliver to your followers with every post. Without passion you have no zeal to affect your readers. Without passion you will be going through the motions day by day.  Without passion your writing career will suffer and soon expire. 
With passion, you can go on writing and breathing life into the entire Internet community whether you get paid or not. Passion gives boundless energy to do more; you are ready to keep delivering post after post without getting tired. Show me a business, a writer, an artist, an athlete, or a boxer that failed to amount to anything, and I will show you a person without passion for what they do.
You can become a sort after blogger when you’re writing amongst other factors is infused with so much passion. Like I said earlier, you cannot hide a writing loaded with passion, whereas that without it would be dead on arrival. 
Create friendly relationships with your followers and all readers
Become an avid motivator of your subscribers and followers. Ensure you receive a comment or feedback for every article you do. Respond on point and in time to all their comments, questions or suggestions. When you do this, you become closer to all and sundry leading you into creating solutions, which are tailor made for your readers.  Their cares, questions and anxieties become your problem, for which you

must of a necessity provide solutions.  In fact it is a symbiotic relationship as those solutions can be packaged as e-books, podcast, seminars or special newsletters for paying subscribers.  Creating friendly relationships is a must for any blogger who desires to become notable.
Reveal unusual angles of trending issues
On a daily basis, there are always new trends of issues in the news. Be ready to go the extra mile to secure solutions to some of those developments as they relate to your niche.  Be abreast of top events and be among the first to break those issues down and create free or paid products for your followers. 
Discover pressing needs of your followers and surpass yourself and their expectations.  Seek for unique ways to go beyond the known, by researching into yet to be covered areas by other bloggers, and reveal unusual angles in trending issues.

Becoming a sought after blogger, is dream worth working hard to make real. To achieve this feat, you must create valuable content, share life experiences, solve unusual problems, build friendly relationships with followers, create a massive buzz through excellent guest posts, respond with wisdom to comments and reveal unusual angles to trending issues.

Friday, January 18, 2013


The state of your mind, your way of thinking or your outlook in life, affects your ability to get wealth and many other things on this planet. Let’s see how true this assertion is below.
Your mind can either make or break you
Your mind is the most powerful computer ever invented. The mind can create whatever it imagines. What it creates could be good or bad. Your mind can take you to places you dream of going. In your mind, you can travel to anywhere you choose. You can even dine with the president of the most powerful nation in the world, visit the best hotels, drive the best cars and be who you choose to be. You are only limited by your imagination. 
To give you an idea of the awesome power of the mind, think of all the inventions man has created on this earth such as the Computer, Internet, Space Ships, Automobiles, super fast Trains, Airplanes and Jets, Radio, Telephone, Television, Bulldozers, Skyscrapers, Atomic and Nuclear Bombs, Guns to mention but a few. The significance of those inventions, the shear wizardry, brilliance applied in crafting those things and their intricate make up, shows that nothing is impossible to a made up mind.
Everything happens in your mind. Every achievement ever recorded and every crime ever committed starts from your mind.
You can have anything you desire if you want it so much and are willing to apply your mind to uncover how to get it.  If you believe what I have just told you about the minds limitless capacity to create whatever man wants, then be assured that making money cannot be as difficult as you perceive it to be.
Thoughts are things
Your thoughts are the raw material for creating whatever you want. Whatever you see in this world first existed in the intangible world as a thought in a human mind.  Thoughts become real when you translate it into this dimension or earth plain.
Your mind can either break or make you depending on the perspective you choose. Whatever your mind can imagine and meditate upon long enough, it can achieve. You create with your mind on this planet. Whatever you want to create must first become real to you in the intangible realm. You create by capturing the thoughts generated, in your mind (blueprint) to be translated into a tangible object every human being can feel, see and use.
Your thoughts are things. You create with your thoughts. Become creative by deep thinking and brainstorming on problems facing mankind and finding solutions. If you do this, you shall be compensated with money and fame instantly.
Your thoughts depends on information
The quality of your life cannot be better than the quality of your thoughts. This means that if you want to improve your life, you must first improve the quality of your thoughts. On the other hand, the quality of your thoughts is dependent on the level of information at your disposal. While the information you have, is dependent on what you feed your mind with. 
The information pool available to all men can be accessed from the Library, the Internet, the Bible, the Quran and other religious books. Others are Magazines, Newspapers, Newsletters, Experience and Mentors. However, books are the primary source of feeding your mind apart from oral tradition and experiences of others or mentors.
To improve your mind and have access to insights on various lives issues to later turn into money making channels, build it up by voraciously reading all sorts of books, assimilating and organizing your findings into useful thoughts for your use.  Get all the information you need about making money and you are on the way to creating all the money you desire by superior knowledge.
Limiting beliefs about money
Your mentality about money either drives it far from you or drives it to you. Some axioms about money which are commonly held to be true are false. Widely held beliefs such as, it takes money to make money, rich men are evil, Money is the root of all evil, Righteous people are usually poor, to mention but a few are not true. All those cliche are limiting believes that creates a poverty mindset.
To move forward in your bid to create wealth, replace them with truth such as, it takes creative ideas to make money, being rich has nothing to do with whether you are evil or good, the love of money for money itself is the root of all kinds of evil, righteousness has nothing to do with whether you are rich or poor. Believe the truth and reverse the wrong interpretations of those axioms, and become a changed person eager to make money without any self inflicted impediments.
You are a money magnet
Your thoughts and beliefs about money make you either a magnet or a person that repels money. Money is an intangible thing in your mind before it becomes real. It is your thoughts and beliefs of abundance that makes you a money magnet. To attract money, change you scarcity mentality to abundance mentality and you will start seeing results fast.
Change your hatred for the rich, change the words you speak from lack to plenty, change your desire for money to a burning hunger for it to satisfy a burning need. Welcome the fact that you can become rich and hold that picture in your thoughts every day to bring you money faster.
Surround yourself with positive talking people, because it is what you have in your mind that you will talk about and think about. Watch every thought you allow into your mind because you shall soon become what you think. I urge you to sow great thoughts and rich thoughts of stupendous wealth and sooner than you know it, your outer world will become a reflection of your inner world of abundance.  
You attract whatever you meditate upon
What are you thinking about? As you think in your heart so you will become. Guard your mind and use it to think of the well being of all and abundance. Continue to think this way for your thought to bud into a flower of deliberate plans, and steps that leads to actions that creates solutions for mankind, and you will attract money.
Let what you meditate upon, become ways and means of helping mankind, create different solutions for the countless problems on this planet. That is the easiest way of attracting money without breaking the laws of the land.
Real money is not the paper or coin
Real money is more than the paper or coin you carry about and transact businesses with. It is its purchasing power that makes it legal tender. It is its purchasing power that makes it important. Take away that singular power in it and it becomes an ordinary piece of paper or coin. Money is what it can buy.
Money is value we place on it. Without that value it is worthless. Inherent in this analysis of the value of money, is the key of creating lasting wealth, being handed to all and sundry. You create wealth by creating value for fellow human beings. They pay you the amount of money your solution is worth. Think on this line and transform your life instantly.
Poverty is a mentality and so is wealth
Poverty or wealth is just in your mind. Everyone has the ability to rise above their state in life and become wealthy, despite the place and condition of their birth.  Your mental thoughts have a tremendous way, of either making you think like a poor person or a rich person.
The poor man is only poor because of his level of thinking. He thinks small and thinks lack, he works to earn a living and spends all he is paid, he never saves nor  invests, he has no plans for the future, hates his employers, does not give to charity or support worthy causes, and he is suspicious of all efforts to make him change his beliefs. To him, all rich men are crooks, who made their money in questionable ways. He turns himself into a self righteous Judge and Jury and unwittingly drives money far from his own hands.
The reverse is the case for the rich man, who creates long term goals and plans for his future, does not work to earn money but makes his money work for him, creates investment portfolios, gives to charity, saves at least 10 percent of his income, creates spending budget, and builds businesses that pay for his lavish lifestyle.
There you have it, poverty and wealth mentality is all in the mind. You either make choices that create abundance or put you perpetually in scarcity.
Money is neutral
Money is neutral and has no friend or foe. If you nurture it, it comes to you if you handle it poorly; it develops wings and flies very far from you. Anyone can make money and also lose money.
Decide that you will never lose money but will handle it well by utilizing it to create more wealth. Use it to build businesses that serve the needs of people rather than spend all the money you earn in wasteful profligate manner.
Your attitude can hinder you from making money
Your attitude is more important than circumstances you may be facing so learn to have a winning attitude.  Zig Ziglar says “attitude not aptitude determines altitude.” The fact that you are down does not mean you cannot go up. Your state in life is not dependent on factors outside yourself. Look deep within yourself and begin to create the necessary change to make your life better. One of which, is to ensure you create an atmosphere of joy and happiness around you all the time irrespective of the lack you suffer at the moment.
Determine to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound (S.M.A.R.T) goals in various areas of your life and pursue them diligently until they are realized.  Zig Ziglar says
you must become a meaningful specific rather than a wandering generality
What this means, is that being a jack of all trades and a master of none leads to failure. But if you live a purpose driven life, everything about your life will change positively.
Staying focused on the goals you have set, makes your actions more predictable and organized towards that aim you are pursuing. Concentration of efforts, yields massive success in any endeavour whether big or small, thus releasing the overflow of the money you seek.
Take away
Your mindset can be a great setback to achieving your desire or goals in life, so be careful of those harmless thoughts that keep floating in and out of your mind. Guard your mind and be vigilant for out of it, comes the issues of life.
Bottom line, your well being and your wealth (being) is dependent on what you do with your mind so watch it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Everyone desires to be among the top five in whatever career they pursue.   It is even more desirable by a blogger in the field of providing content for numerous niches populating the internet community.  The competition is very keen hence to stand out as a blogger, you must do certain things the others are doing but do them better and go the extra mile to be ahead of the pack. 

As in all business or service, it is competition that keeps those engaged in it on their toes and ensures only top quality products and services are produced.

The case cannot be different for bloggers and so, the irresistible blogger must develop the uncanny ability to over deliver on his primary niche, for the benefit of his community of readers, followers, admirers and competitors.

To become irresistible, the blogger must do the following or remain an uncelebrated hero, churning out good content for an overfed unseen audience.

Write from the heart.

We all aspire to be the best in whatever niche we are passionate about.  That is a healthy human desire. But what most bloggers fail to understand is that there are two sets of people out there all producing content and getting some form of results.  Of course some get more done than others and as a result become more visible. 
You have been on the fringes long enough, and it is time to cross over the thin dividing line, into the notable side by the quality of your content.

The quality of your content is influenced by where you write from. If you write from the head, you are writing by Head Knowledge alone. One could infer that you are giving out cold facts without any emotions whatsoever and so, you remain far from your readers.  

Decide instead to write from your heart giving the same information, in a subtle manner laden with emotion.  The key is to write with feelings people can relate to.

Human beings are emotional creatures so capture their emotions by choice words, the deep feelings you convey with the words, and the personal touch and experiences you put into the stories you tell. If you succeed at this, your readers will notice a certain power in your writing.

Their judgment will be that “he is just like of one us”, “Yes we can relate to this”. If you write with the desired response of your readers guiding every word you write, your posts will take on a life of its own every time you hit that send button and spread like wide fire on the internet. 

Be determined to succeed

Be persuaded in your mind without any doubts that you must succeed at what you are doing. It is easy to arrive at this thought but difficult to carry out. Alas many fall on the way side due to the weight of this onerous task, for others greed for money, influence their resolve to serve well, while for some, fame gets into their head with the little successes, they lose touch and stop connecting with their followers.  

Only a few passionate ones stay determined to follow through to their pledge to serve with unquenchable fire of love to help their fellow men. If you are passionate, you will stick to your goal no matter what happens out there. Whether you make money or you don’t, whether your posts are appreciated or not, whether you are motivated to write or not, come rain or sunshine, you remain constant on the promise to deliver endless streams of value added content.

Perseverance is the character trait every blogger must develop. When you are determined, you are ready to do all it takes to become a success. You are willing to pay the price to learn new things that will improve your work, read new books, apply new marketing methods, rebuild your website if you must, learn how to write well, all in a bid to get to the top and stay there.   

Inspiration for writing valuable content

The motivation to create valuable content comes from passion in your niche and pure love to create solutions for your readers.  Value the readers and enter into their mind, as you seek to pass the much deserved information, targeted at quenching the thirst of an army of very thirsty, dying men rescued at the nick of time from the Sahara desert.

Just imagine the feel of cool water in the back of the throat of these men. Feel the life giving power of the cool water, flow into them and watch life gradually return to them. Imagine the happiness, the sheer ecstasy of surviving the scourge of the skin scorching African sun. 
That is the emotion you must carry inside you to create thought provoking posts day by day. Realize that you are the voice of thousands, giving life and hope to them on the niche you cover.

Thousands need your knowledge to live a better life, become well, save a threatened relationship or marriage, pick a career, get an education, become physically fit, lose weight and become better citizens to mention but a few. You must rise to your full stature and give the full measure of your knowledge to quench your teeming readers burning thirst.

As you can see, the decision to be the best has been taken away from you by the sheer weight of the burden of love you bear. You have no choice but to be the very best you can be and to always give the very best you can give and improve with every post. 

This discovery of the power you wield as a blogger is not known to you alone. However, this is where the boys are usually separated from the men by the actions you take, after this discovery of the power to be the voice of multitudes of readers helping to make their lives better.

Let pure love to help your teeming readers transform their life, and the general well being of all that visit your blog, inspire you to create unbeatable consistent content.

Create unsurpassed content

Every blogger knows that the content of your blog is the vital tool that fuels interest in the mind of your followers. Without great content, no matter how beautifully designed your website is, it will soon be abandoned by the readers.

The readers interest is maintained by their desire to solve a problem so your content must at all times address this vital point. Never lose track of this important key. With this tool in your hand, your community of readers will literally be eating from your palm. 

If you lose this vital understanding and allow other things occupy your mind, you will wake up only too late, to discover that the allegiance your email list gave to you, has been transferred to someone else who can solve their numerous problems.  Ensure you sustain your reader’s interest with priceless posts for the mutual interest you share.

Set goals

I will not bore you with the nitty-gritty of setting goals, or even the S.M.A.R.T way of setting goals which most bloggers are aware of, but only a few follow. SMART goals setting, helps you set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic time bound goals.

Without goals there are no targets, no deadline and nothing to keep up your interest or compel you to give it your best shot. Life will be colorless, lifeless and worth nothing if there are no goals. I dare to say that without goals, you will have no business.
Let’s look at an important component in goal setting called Time. Time is the most precious ingredient in goal setting. Your failure to set time frame, for the pursuit of any venture you embark on, proves that thing is worthless. On the other hand, the value you place on a project is determined by how much time you are willing to invest in it, to nurture and bring it to reality. 

Goals are the most vital tools a blogger must set if he or she aspires to be amongst the very best. You must create order in your affairs. For instance, you must determine how much time to assign to writing articles, research, reading emails, decide how much you desire to earn in a year, how to realize it, how much time to invest to commenting and marketing and have the discipline to stick to the time allocated for various tasks.

Look at nature and learn from its cyclical pattern.  You have day and night, summer and winter, sun and moon, darkness and light. Each of these natural phenomena maintains their set course without fail. They do not clash or borrow each other’s time to reign. The same way nature is aligned to achieve their purpose, is the same way a blogger should create order by setting goals if their aspiration to become the best will manifest. 

Time is the scarcest commodity for a blogger so you must plan well in advance, for its meticulous use to manage your daily activities. Mastering time through goals, frees up so much time which you can use for researching and writing time tasted contents.

Pursue set goals with vigor

If you have set goals properly then your goals must be realistic and you pursue them because they are achievable. Your pursuit is the only tangible proof you will have at the end of the day when it yields results.

It is the law of motion which says that everything is at a state of rest until force is applied. So you must realize that on this earth, nothing moves until you move it. I urge you to purse your goals with diligence. Please understand that without results, you will be like a man sitting in a dark room and blinking his eyes. Your guess is as good as mine. It is only that man that knows he is blinking his eyes. I hope you got my drift. The only proof you have to show that your goal setting was not a waste of your precious time is to show tangible results. 

To help you actualize your goals, have a compelling preferable future in mind. Hold this picture strongly in your mind, and daily visualize your future, the way you want it and continue to work on your goals. The more compelling the pictures are, the more pull it will have for you to keep you on your toes until you reach your dream. 

To fire you up for the preferred future, envision it and accept that you can have it and already has it in your mind’s eye. It is only a matter of time if you keep working on the goals, holding this preferred future before you day by day as already achieved, it is only a matter of time that what was once a dream, has become a reality. Getting the results will help you join the rank of the irresistible bloggers.

Maintain excellent relationship with your followers
When you are trying to get to the destination of a super achiever, you must realize that you are nothing without your followers.
John Maxwell, a notable Leadership author and life coach says that if a leader walks in front and looks back and no one was following him, then he was just taking a stroll. The import of this statement is that a leader must have followers.

You must be grateful to your followers for what you have become. Ask yourself this question; what is a blog without a reader? What is an excellent post without a strong crowd cheering you, giving you the encouragement you deserve when you do well? 
The bottom line is that you must build an excellent relationship with your mailing list and all your blog readers. All your subscribers must have value for their time and the money they spend on your products and services.

You must over deliver.
Overwhelm your followers with your creativity and solve their problems like no other blogger could. In fact you must pamper them with freebies, listen to them, ask them what they want and create products tailor made for them.

Being irresistible is a huge burden to carry but it is also worth your while. You will be putting smiles in people’s faces while they will be putting fame and dollars in your bank account. It is a win, win situation.

Conclusion of the matter
Becoming irresistible, is a great task which you can achieve if only you are willing to bite the bullet, and be the very best in your niche by creating unsurpassed content, setting and pursuing worthwhile goals, being determined to go the extra mile at all times, writing from the heart, maintaining excellent relationship with your followers and being grateful to God and the internet community for what you have become, a success.